Thursday, January 26, 2012


6.30am comes and goes. Only when It reaches 6.55am do I realise I actually need to leave the house in the next 5 minutes. Never have I got ready so fast in my life. Usually my mornings consist of waking up and lying in bed for thirty minutes before bundling my self out of bed and dragging myself to the bathroom. From here I usually spend a good fifteen minutes foraging in the wardrobe for something to wear. Luckily for me I had the sense to pick my outfit last night. As I throw on my jeans and a jumper I find myself sneaking like a ninja into my little sister’s room in search of a matching coat. There are definite bonuses to sharing a dress size! Ever stealth like I grab a coat and head off down the stairs, bag, coat, makeup and toothbrush in tow. I figure I’ll do the rest when I get to my uncles.
            On arrival I receive the same brief as usual, meal times, where to find food for the baby, where to find snacks for my self et cetera et cetera. I can’t say I was really paying attention due to the fact I was stifling yawns the entire time! Then the crying starts. As soon as my uncle’s girlfriend left the house for work the baby began to scream. My solution? Rice cake! One possibly drugged rice cake later the baby falls asleep and I put him to bed. Time for a sleep myself I think.
            Finally my mother arrives at 10am with another baby in tow and the day begins! First stop, the farm! On arrival we are handed a bucket of feed and some very trendy and childish purple stickers which the adults, yes the adults, had to wear the entire time. I have to say the day evolved pretty quickly and time flew by as we saw the goats, the cows, the sheep, the pigs, the poultry and finally the horses.
I have to say the farm wasn’t exactly how I remembered it. When I was young I was able to go in the pen with the animals and they would use my fingers as pacifiers or curl up and fall asleep in my lap. These days its more of a look from the other side of the gate experience which is not nearly as fun but still some how ****** managed to get his hand up a shire horse’s nostril. I’m not entirely sure who was more surprised at this, him or the horse. Anyway it resulted in one almighty sneeze on the horse’s behalf and a snot covered baby for me. Lunchtime was a welcome break, as we were very cold and the babies were hungry, even if we did have a live episode of the ‘Charlie bit my finger’ video!
            ****** now has four razor sharp teeth and knows how to use them. **** being the more inquisitive of the two somehow managed to insert his finger into ******’s mouth resulting in a sharp bite from ****** and a piercing scream from J****. Everybody in the place was looking at us judgementally!
            All in all today has been fun and hectic and after dropping the babies home I will be all set for a well earned sleep! 

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