Tuesday, January 31, 2012


     So my new years resolution this year was to lose weight. Not a lot really just a few pounds to get my BMI down to 21. An excellent starting place for this would be to cut out the unhealthy snacks that I consume each day but I seriously know that would never happen. I think I would just end up eating the fridge at meal times if I were to do that. So hey I decide that I'll start going to the gym and to the public swimming pool. This week was the first healthy living week as I am now calling it and I have been very good. In total I have done 78 lengths of the pool, 5 minutes on the cross trainer and ten minutes on the cycling machine (you can clearly see here that I prefer the pool to the gym here). Can you imagine my surprise when I hop on the scales to find that my weight has indeed changed. But not in the way I had planned. In fact I have gained 5 pounds! What the heck is this craziness?
     It's all okay though! I have figured the perfect solution for achieving my desired BMI...If you just lie and add an inch to your height the whole situation is resolved! Who wouldn't like to know that fact!

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